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Why do you need a property insurance policy? –

Property protection is one of the main elements of protection that provides insurance for private premises and their content and protects them from ordinary dangers, for example, catastrophic events, storms and coverage for misfortunes arising from fire, explosion, theft or any mishaps. lead to harming or damaging the dwelling, as indicated by the special conditions and cases contained in the report. Where the insurance agency compensates the custodian for half way, full damage or loss of the protected property due to the event of one of the dangers contained in the protection strategy and in this way, the client must ensure that he understands the benefits and obligations that would come due to the acquisition of the property protection strategy through reasonable knowledge of the The terms of the approach arrangements, and that the client choose a protection strategy commensurate with his financial requirements.

Types of risks that a property protection strategy may cover

Structures and the essence of the house

The insurance agency shall bear the costs and expenses arising from the risks referred to in the protection strategy, which may include compensation for costs resulting from unintended damage to water or sanitation establishments and electrical and telephone connections, notwithstanding damage to individual property, furniture or any property Fall within the legal obligation of the content or any of the long-term residents, unless the archive states in any case.

robbery missions

A property protection strategy may include listing misfortunes or damages caused by the theft of home material, within the cutoff points given by the arrangement. Consideration must be paid for exemptions that insurance agencies do not need to incur burglary article of the home. For example, it was not limited to: property that left the outer structure unprotected is taken or on the other hand in the event that the structures are not closed down or taken over again to the content or any of its clients or any of its relatives or any of the highly motivated occupants are or are involved in Committing offenses related to theft.

Commitment to others

indemnify the Protector for each of the sums to be paid as the owner and/or occupant of the home in respect of unplanned passage, actual wounds, and costs of sickness and treatment to other persons, notwithstanding unintentional misfortune and damage to property within or around structures while there protection strategy. This may prevent misfortunes and damages excluded from this inclusion of protection.

Commitment to local professionals

The archive can cover the protected legal liability, including legal expenses and costs, with the confirmed approval of the organization according to accidental death or real injuries any local worker may be exposed during work training in the protected home or during his short stay anywhere within the Kingdom or Inside a car used by the insured or one of its residents at home.

optional housing

A property protection strategy may cover the costs of an optional housing award if the home suffers incoming damage due to protected opportunities that result in the home being out of reach. With regard to the additional expenses of optional housing to be incurred by the custodian, it has been determined that the market value of the rent and the estimate of the remuneration specified for such thing shall not exceed the agreements for that inclusion in the archive.

Before marking the protection strategy, the client should go through and see every detail of the arrangement, digging deeper into the risks covered and not covered by the approach. The property protection strategy establishes a structure for the privileges and obligations of both the client and the insurance agency. The customer can file an objection to the insurance agency assuming that he faces any problem or unexpected tasks while dealing with the issues, and if they do not interact, he can submit an objection to the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency through the “Sama Interested” entry.

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