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Types of beards for men – pictures, names, modern shapes and types of beards

Types of beards for men: pictures and names
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How to choose the most elegant and wonderful beard? It’s easiest to start with the basics. Therefore, we have compiled a selection of different types of beards for men just for you! Pictures, names, basic information – all you need to finally decide what you like best and pick some new ideas.

1. bristle hair

The simplest and most obvious option, but it deserves special attention. A thick beard looks amazing and masculine, but it is important that it grows thick and even.

the rough hair

2. Hollywood

A modern classic that many famous actors adhere to. It is almost a win-win option, because such beards are easy to adapt to any facial features.


3. Royal Beard

This is very simple, but at the same time a very effective classic and looks really noble. Best choice for round or oval face. At the heart is a traditional goat complemented by a mustache.

royal beard
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4. Anchor

The most lustrous and attractive lover of this type of beard is Robert Downey Jr. In addition to a pencil mustache, this figure makes the image more collage, makes it practical and gives confidence.


5. Duck’s Tail

Behind this strange name lies a very brutal figure. From the temple to the chin, the beard gradually becomes longer, making it look a bit like a duck’s tail.

duck tail

6. Captain

It’s Sami’s beard. A fairly clear and thin line runs from the temples to the chin. They look very impressive, but their shape must be carefully monitored and constantly maintain the smoothness of the cheeks.


7. Goatee

On the surface, the goatee looks easy and almost careless, but in fact it is one of the most difficult to create. It is most convenient to grow a full beard first, and only then get rid of unnecessary vegetation.


8. Pointed beard

A real salvation for owners of a round face who want to visually correct its contours. This look perfectly emphasizes the cheekbones, and the length can vary at your discretion.

pointed beard

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9. Zappa

This beard shape is named after musician Frank Zappa. It was he who brought a thick bushy mustache along with a small beard. Bold and rebellious.


10. Brit

A beard with a thick bushy chin and perfectly smooth cheeks will suit those who have uneven growth. But men with a noticeably long face should be careful with this style.


11. Van Dyck

This is the same beard accompanied by a mustache. It frames the lips, but at the same time the cheeks remain soft. Suitable for young people who want to grow a beard, but have not yet decided what they prefer.

Van Dyck

12. Poof

A thin rectangular beard that extends in a straight line from the lower lip to the chin. Its width depends on the shape of the face. Outwardly, it resembles a soul patch to which we will return.


13. Bucky

or sideburns. A striking example of this style is Wolverine from the X-Men movie series. Although a bit extravagant, it is a great way to add lost volume to the lower part of the face.


14. Vikings

These are very long beards that can be braided or styled in an interesting way. On the one hand, it is as easy to shape as possible. On the other hand, the chance of growing such a beard is a genetic lottery.


15. Full beard

Also called the full beard, it is an eternal classic that suits the vast majority of men. In fact, the beard grows as naturally as possible. It is only necessary to trim the lines on the cheeks and neck, periodically adjusting the shape.

full beard

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16. Franz Joseph

The predecessor of this trend was the Austrian ruler Franz Joseph I, who thought that this legacy of hiss would be preserved for centuries. With a soft chin, thin sideburns converge with the same thin mustache.

Franz Joseph

17. Balbo

A cosmopolitan blend of classics, modern trends and a light casual presentation. This is a fairly simple form of beard in a traditional style, but with modern clean lines.


18. Goatee

Although it is not the most fancy name, it is also a very popular style. Moreover, it is one of the oldest, because the ancient Greeks wore such a beard.


19. Garibaldi

A long, majestic beard, mixed with a thick mustache and sideburns, was named after General Garibaldi. The most important thing here is density and elegant shape.


20. French Fork

The same beard as Captain Jack Sparrow. It got its name for the fact that it is clearly divided into two halves in the middle. It looks very bold and unusual.

French fork

21. dagger

The original shape with a finely trimmed mustache and straight lines. The advantage is that two U-shaped sections are looped just below the lips. In the Middle Ages, the English nobles adored this beard.


22. Correction

In English, this common form is called a soul patch. This is a neat little beard just below the lower lip. With all its external simplicity and lightness, it must be taken care of regularly and carefully monitor the smoothness of the face.


23. Horseshoe

In a way, a horseshoe resembles an elongated mustache. Vegetation descends on the sides from the corners of the lips to the chin, an inverted letter U. or a horseshoe is obtained.


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24. Dutch Beard

A specific and rather unusual option, which is preferred by wild men. The square shape, impressive length and volume are combined with a partially shaved chin and smooth cheeks.

dutch beard

25. Curtain

Or the chin curtain, and that’s Abraham Lincoln’s famous beard. Of course, it is not necessary to grow to this length. The shape is similar to a Skipper’s beard, but more rounded. The vegetation itself is usually longer.

the curtain

26. Verdi

A real trend of “Canadian lumberjacks”. This is a thick, long, bushy beard with a slightly angular shape. It goes well with modern hairstyles and requires careful styling along with it. You can even twist it a little!


27. Bandholz

The discovery of a well-known businessman named Bandhold. He was striving for perfection and excellence in everything so that his image became famous all over the world. This is the same brutal “hipster” beard that grows quite freely, but at the same time it needs styling.


28. Box

Another type of very wide beard for the fierce fashionistas. This time she swears with a mustache. The shape is similar to a duck’s tail, but the length is usually longer.


29. Klingon Beard

And again, cinema dictates fashion. Klingons wore these beards in the Star Trek movies and series. Despite its rather impressive origin, it gives the image seriousness, but it can last for several years.

Klingon beard

30. Rap

This is a very short and very drawn beard, as if drawn with a marker along the line of the chin and up to the temples. Thin, straight lines descending from the mustache down. This option is especially good for a diamond face.

rap music

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