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Hair cutting and hair coloring in one photo (30 photos)

Burning, noble and bright red tones of hair coloring will be in trend in 2022. If you wanted, but did not dare to radically change your hair color, then next year is the time for it. Deep and rich shades of hair will visually make your hair more beautiful, shiny and moisturized.

Trendy warm hair color and short haircut

The result of creating a short, round haircut of light color

Picture of a girl with hair dyed in two contrasting colors

Short hairstyle with twist and lighten hair

Bright shades of hair color in 2022

Stylish and warm coloring of short curls cut under a cascade

Modern women’s haircut in dark color

Short bob with bangs and pink coloring

Very nice coloring for medium hair

Rich chocolate shades on long hair

Dark coloring as a trend of 2022

Short haircuts and highlights for women

creative hair coloring

Pink shades in hair coloring

Elegant chestnut color on the image of a woman with curly hair

Short haircut and color options for it

Coloring with shades of red on medium hair

Using several shades to color a short haircut

Short haircut with highlights: the fashion trend of 2022

Lighten the ends of the hair and darken them at the top with long strands

Bright purple dye on the girl’s hair

Light shade option for dyeing long hair

The picture is of a short straight hair and a light color

Use several bright tones when coloring braids

Short chocolate haircut

Coloring as a way to change a woman’s appearance

Blonde hair and long hair in one look

Red and black tones in coloring a modern haircut

Long, thick hair in several shades of color

Red shades for coloring

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