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Foxtail haircut for long hair (20 photos)

One of the most popular hairstyles for long hair is the fox haircut. She appeared quite recently, but has already managed to skillfully win the hearts of modern ladies. On long hair, this haircut looks simply great. In addition, it is created on both smooth hair and curls. The prerequisite for this is that the length of the hair is longer than the shoulder blades.

Long hair with highlights and a fox cut

Curly styling for long hair with a fox tail haircut

Foxtail Women’s haircut on very long curls

Fox Tail – Shaving Side View

Fox tail and curly hair cutting

Fox tail haircut for long red hair

Lightening long braids and fox tail pieces

Cascading fox tail haircut for women of all ages

Fox tail for lush long hair

Extra long thin strands with fox tail

Portrait of a white-haired woman with a fox tail haircut

fox tail on curls

Fox tail haircut in one look with very long hair

Ash long hair cut in a fox tail

Trim the hair under the fox tail in two colors

Long dark hair cut into a fox tail: back view of the haircut

long hair styling

fox tail hairstyle for women

The idea of ​​creating a new fox tail haircut

Foxtail on long fiery red curls

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