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Fashionable short haircuts: long back hair (20 photos)

If a woman wants to change something in her image, but not radically, then she should pay attention to a haircut in which the hair at the back is longer than in the front. There will be no fundamental changes, but the appearance will look different. This model of hairstyles also has limitations. Owners of wavy, curly or somewhat lush hair of this type are not suitable.

Hairstyle for women where the hair is longer at the back

Back view of the short haircut

The result of making a stylish haircut for short hair

Haircut “fancy”, where the hair in the back is longer than in the front

Short bob with bangs on dark curls

curry with design

Short cascading hairstyle with long hair at the back

Haircut with hair extension at the back: side view

short gradient hairstyle

A variant of asymmetrical women’s haircut for short hair

Very short haircut in which the hair extends from the back

Brilliant creative coloring of a short hairstyle with an extension at the back

The lush design of the short strands

Bob for short hair with back extension

Bright colors to color a short female haircut

A famous woman with a modern haircut that has a hair extension in the back

A short “ladder”

Back view of the waterfall in the presence of hair lightening

Round haircut with an extension from the back for red hair

Hair cut, which is in fashion now, with great styling

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